Board, Industry Council & Staff

After nine years of working and operating under The Providence Plan, Building Futures has begun a new phase of organizational development as an independent not for profit corporation.  Guiding us in this process is our Executive Director Andrew Cortés, and our newly established Board of Directors:

Board Members

Gregory Mancini, Chair
Build Rhode Island

Ken Richardson, Treasurer
Richardson & Associates, CPA

Scott Duhamel, Secretary
RI Building & Construction Trades Council
International Union of Painters & Allied Trades

Eileen Hayes, Director
Amos House

Bruce Iannuccillo, Director
R.P. Iannuccillo & Sons

Sandra Powell, Director
Rhode Island Department of Health

Michael Sabitoni, Director
RI Building & Construction Trades Council

RI Building & Construction Trades Council

John Sinnott
RI Associated General Contractors

Chris van Beek
Deepwater Wind

Laurie White
Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce

George Zainyeh
Schectman Halperin Savage

 Building Futures Staff

Andrew L. Cortés, Director

Peter Bramante,
Associate Director

Judith Titzel,
Associate Program Director

Rita Holahan,
Operations Director

Melissa Benoit,
Fiscal Manager

Ian Chase,
Career & Training Director

Margarita Perez,
Program Assistant

Daisy Luciano,
Service Coordinator

Kevin Grattan,
Graduate Service Learning Director

Brook Swanson,
Assistant Trainer

Beth Ashman,
Project Manager, Apprenticeship RI

Amy Weinstein,
Employer Liaison, Apprenticeship RI