Our mission is to help the commercial construction industry meet its current and future needs for skilled labor, while creating career opportunities for low-income urban residents in quality registered apprenticeship programs.


Building Futures believes to achieve our mission we must develop a new framework – innovative and effective partnerships with diverse stakeholders joined together in new ways to impact relevant systems and build new pathways to family sustaining careers for low-income people.

This approach enables changes to be made in policies and practices related to our mission and provide a means for those changes to be made operational, through the pathway provided by our program.


In order to achieve our vision and accomplish our mission, Building Futures focuses on three main goals:

1.) Expanding Opportunities 

To partially address the complex problems of inner city poverty by connecting Rhode Island’s urban communities with family sustaining careers in the construction industry

Rhode Island’s urban communities and residents need expanded economic opportunities. By any measure, when people in economically distressed areas lack access to viable careers, the predictable results can be devastating and costly – increases in childhood poverty and criminal activity as well as the need for more social supports than available.

2.) Meeting Industry Needs 

To help employers develop a diverse and productive workforce in the building trades while maintaining their competitive edge in current market dynamics

Providing research, technical assistance and direct services to our construction employers, particularly around building a quality diverse workforce, is also a primary goal of Building Futures.

3.) Offering Quality Programming 

To serve Rhode Island urban residents by offering a high-quality, pre-apprenticeship program which prepares and supports low-income adults to enter construction careers.

In this way we ensure our participants are the best quality employees that any successful company needs.