Do you like to make things work? If you like building with your hands, or building with your mind, a career in construction might be right for you.


Most people do not know how many different careers there are related to construction. Construction is a very big field, or area of work,  you could:

  • Design how buildings look and work
  • Design the landscape around the building
  • Figure out how strong the building has to be and what materials to use
  • Manage how the building gets done for the right amount of money
  • Manage how the people putting up the building do their work
  • Learn the skilled craft, or building trade, that is needed to construct the building

There are lots of career options in construction – and the careers can help you succeed in life. Can you guess what career goes with each of the items above? Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Site Supervisors and more. All of them are needed to make a complicated construction project happen right.

Most people don’t even know there are 17 different building trades, like carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and many others. When buildings are complicated, lots of skilled people are needed to get the job done. All of the careers are rewarding.


First things first – You have to learn another language to describe the world, it is called MATH.

No matter what you want to do, you have to understand some mathematics, because it is the best language to describe how things need to be built (and how everything in the universe works).

If you want to work in the office designing buildings, you need it – If you want to manage the money for a construction project, you need it. Every building trades-person needs it too, some more than others.

Second things second – You have to learn about all the career options in construction. Talk to your career counselor, your parents or your librarian and start learning about all the exciting options there are in construction to earn an excellent living doing what you love to do.

Last – Turn your Dreams into Goals. Do you know the difference?

A dream is something you want, but don’t really know how to get it. Here is an example of a dreamI want to be a millionaireBut how are you going to get there?

A goal is when you turn that dream into a plan: This is how I am going to earn a million dollars:

  • A goal has to be specific – you have to know what it is.
  • A goal has to be realistic – you have to have a plan that can work
  • A goal has to be challenging to you – otherwise you might get bored and not finish
  • A goal has to be measurable – it should have steps you can check off when you finish them
  • A goal has to have your commitment – if you are not dedicated to reaching your goal, then you wont reach it.

You can think about lots of things this way and a career in construction is no different; Is it a dream, or a goal?