As an agency, you may be interested in Building Futures for many different reasons.


Building Futures is always looking for new agencies to collaborate with. If your organization provides quality services to low-income men and women, such as housing assistance, drug-counseling, immigration, legal or financial services and you are interested in creating a partnership – we would like to speak with you.

Please visit the contact us page, or email Ms. Judith Titzel our Associate Program Director at

Our Services

If you are seeking services for a client of your agency, please visit the program section of our website for guidance on whether our services match the needs and aptitudes of your client. You may also be interested in some quick facts:

  • We have three enrollment periods during the year
  • We work with women and men, ages 18 through 35
  • We work with low-income, Rhode Island residents only
  • We do not discriminate against those with prior convictions
  • We do have a hands-on, 32-hour evaluation and a 200-hour basic construction skills training
  • We provide placement assistancefor our graduates who must meet all the minimum requirements of apprenticeships, such as a high school credential, a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation, and the ability to pass a drug test

Once employed as an apprentice, initial wages range from approximately $13 to $20 per hour, with incremental increases in wages and other benefits over the length of the apprenticeship (3 to 5 years)