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Building Futures is hiring!

About Building Futures

Building Futures was founded in 2007 as a construction industry partnership, focused on leveraging the Registered Apprenticeship model of workforce development. For over 100 years, unions and employers have jointly operated quality registered apprenticeships in the construction occupations to train individuals as highly-skilled tradespeople. Our work spans three distinct but highly aligned areas.

For the benefit of low-income Rhode Islanders, Building Futures developed and operates a comprehensive pre-apprenticeship program to prepare diverse, low-income men and women for success in employment as registered apprentices in the building trades. In addition, we work in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure construction projects provide employment opportunities for apprentices at the appropriate level to meet future demand for skilled labor through our Apprentice Utilization Program. Our pre-apprenticeship and apprentice utilization program together provide an effective system for workforce development in Rhode Island’s construction sector.

From this foundation, we have established Apprenticeship Rhode Island, an initiative to expand the use of Registered Apprenticeship beyond the construction sector. Now, we are helping develop new registered apprenticeship programs in multiple sectors, which include healthcare, information technology, advanced manufacturing and boat building, among others. Working with employers, industry partnerships, government and community-based organizations, we are spreading the proven model of Registered Apprenticeship to benefit the state’s workforce and economy.

Construction Trainer

Building Futures is seeking a Construction Trainer to join to the agency’s core instructional team.  This position will have the following responsibilities: Primary Responsibility: Under the direction of the Training Director, and in partnership with the Lead Trainer, the Construction Trainer will plan, coordinate and supervise the hands-on training of the agency’s newest service learning component – ‘Small Homes, Big Futures.’ This initiative – a partnership with One Neighborhood Builders and RISD – will have the dual impact of meeting the training needs of our participants and addressing the state’s affordable housing crisis, while demonstrating high quality passive home design standards and ‘net-zero’ construction in low-income communities. This position will support trainee crews of 4-6 individuals, which includes daily oversight, as well as trainee supports, during and post-program completion. Secondary Responsibility: The Construction Trainer is a core member of the instructional team and will provide support to all of the agency’s construction training and placement activities, as needed. Functions Training Under the direction of the Training Director, and in partnership with the Lead Trainer, manage the ‘Small Homes, Big Futures’ initiative, including developing and managing the project construction schedule, providing on-site instruction, overseeing trainee work crews, and supporting and evaluating participant progress. Ensure that Small Homes, Big Futures adheres to the construction project timeline, ensuring all milestones are achieved, while keeping the Training Director apprised of progress. As part of the Training team, provide training support to all of Building Futures construction initiatives, as needed. Maintain proper worksite safety, materials management and on-site security and inventory. Engage in regular communications regarding participant progress and needs, including participation in scheduled meetings, as well as informal interactions with members of the program team. Assist the Training Director with placement activities and follow-up. Support and participate in programmatic events and activities, as needed. Engage in administrative tasks including, but not limited to, ordering supplies, case notes and data entry. Organizational Responsibilities Participate in staff meetings and agency-wide initiatives, providing expertise and support, as needed. Represent Building Futures at public events, task forces and other external committees and activities as appropriate. Other Duties, as assigned Qualifications Complete proficiency in residential carpentry

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