Building Futures is committed to being a research and information driven organization.

Towards this end, we have not only drawn on best practices and cutting edge developments around the nation as related to our work, but have also commissioned our own research and studies when needed.

Below, we are pleased to provide two studies by Building Futures, in addition to some selected publications from other organizations doing innovative research or related work.

Ahead of the Curve, Gerard Waites, Esq., Building Futures (September, 2008)

Skill Gap Study (Building Futures), Beth Ashman-Collins, Building Futures (April 2008)

Building Trades Apprentice Training in MA: An Analysis of Union vs. Non-Union programs 1997-2007, A. Argyres and S. Moir. Labor Resource Center, University of MA, Boston (May 2008)

Apprentice Utilization Goals and Requirements: A Countywide Impact Study, Port Jobs, Seattle WA (2007 update)

The Impact of the Apprenticeship Opportunities Project: Helping people enter and succeed in apprenticeship, Port Jobs, Seattle WA (2007 update)

Pathways to Opportunity: Building Prosperity in Providence, Mayor’s Task Force on Poverty, Work and Opportunity, City of Providence (November 2007)

Building Skills and Promoting Job Advancement: The Promise of Employer-Focused Strategies, K. Martinson, Urban Institute (May 2007)

The 2007 Rhode Island Standard of Need, The Poverty Institute at Rhode Island College (2007)

Building in Good Jobs: Linking economic and workforce development with a real-estate led economic development, Laura Wolf-Powers, Pratt Center for Community Development ( December 2006)

Winning Construction Jobs for Local Residents, K. Rubin and D. Slater, Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law (June 2005)

Access to Driving and License Suspension Policies for the 21st Century, S. Gustitas, M. Simmons, M. Waller, The Mobility Agenda (June 2008)

Standing at Crossroads-The Building Trades in the 21st Century, M. Erlich and J. Grabelsky, Labor History Vol. 46 (November 2005)

Designing a Pre-Apprenticeship Model for Women, E. Skidmore and S. Moir, YouthBuild Providence (September 2004)

Building Opportunities: Findings and Recommendations, Port Jobs, Seattle WA (January 1999)

Unfinished Business, Building Equality for Women in the Construction Trades, S. Moir, Meryl Thompson and Krista Khelleher, A Research Report from the Labor Resource Center, College of Public and Community Service, and the Center for Women in Politics & Public Policy, McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies (April 2011)


Construction Careers Guide, Building Futures (Sept 2009)

Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Programs Interviews With Field Leaders, Maureen Conway, Allison Gerber, Matt Helmer. Workforce Strategies Initiative, a program of The Aspen Institute. (2010)