ONE Neighborhood Builders is spearheading an effort that taps into local talent at RISD, gives Building Futures graduates an opportunity to gain experience on a big impact project, meets our neighborhood needs for affordable housing, and sets a precedent for environmentally friendly building.

The Sheriden Street project will bring five new, 750-square-foot homes to Olneyville. Each of the homes are net zero, passive design, generating electricity and creating significant utilities savings for new homeowners.

“Modest in scale, but large in innovation.”

-Jennifer Hawkins, Executive Director, ONE Neighborhood Builders

Building Futures joined community partners and elected officials at the groundbreaking on October 28, 2019. The groundbreaking brought together stakeholders from the City of Providence, the State, and the Federal Government, who have made invaluable contributions to the project.  As Jennifer Hawkins, executive director of ONE Neighborhood Builders described, the new homes are “modest in scale, but large in innovation.” Jennifer shared that the project answers a need in our neighborhoods to build compact homes densely and with renewable materials.

Senator Reed shared his support for the project, “If you look at the size, you’d miss the magnitude.” Senator Reed went on to describe how this project attacks climate change on the neighborhood level and trains young workers, linking three needs in our neighborhood: affordable homes, environmental resiliency, and training and opportunity for the next generation of workers.

“If you look at the size, you’d miss the magnitude.”

-Senator Reed

The Rhode Island Treasurer, Seth Magaziner, also joined us. “This movement for small, ecologically sound homes is the wave of the future…both forward looking and innovative.” The Treasurer spoke about how the Small Homes project was linking economic and environmental justice together for a lasting impact.

We were also joined by City Council President Sabina Matos and City of Providence Director of Planning and Development, Bonnie Nickerson. The Council President described her excitement at this next chapter in her ongoing partnership with ONE.

Building Futures’ Executive Director, Andrew Cortés, described how Small Homes is an improvement to the physical, social, and economic health of our neighborhood with the ability to empower neighborhood residents in both how they live their lives and how they make their living.

“Empowering residents in both how they live their lives and how they make their living.”

-Andrew Cortés, Executive Director, Building Futures

The Small Homes project is expected to be completed by December 2020. 40 graduates of Building Futures will gain hands on experience on this project over the next year. ONE Neighborhood Builders has linked investments from federal, city, and state dollars to leverage true long-term affordability. The homes will cost $289,000 per home to build and will be sold for $150,000, thanks to investments from Providence HOME, Rhode Island Housing, the RI Office of Energy Resources, NeighborWorks America, and private donors.