Building Futures creates innovative and effective partnerships with industry leaders and stakeholders to expand entry-level opportunities in the construction trades through the proven registered apprenticeship system. Our comprehensive pre-apprenticeship program prepares diverse Rhode Island residents for these career opportunities.

Building Futures Pre-Apprenticeship Program

  • Comprehensive assessment

  • 200 hour hands-on training program

  • Related technical instruction

  • Industry relevant certifications

  • Financial education & coaching

  • Emergency and support services

  • Career counseling

  • Post-placement guidance and supports

  • Elective trainings (welding, etc.)

Building Futures Registered Apprenticeship Placement Demographics

Total placed (2007-2018)                           265
Children of those placements                    238
Average starting wage                                 $17/hr
Male/Female                                                 240/24
Providence Residents                                  56%
Person of Color                                             80%
Average age                                                    27
Unemployed at entrance                             78%
Retained employment after 1st year         94%
HS diploma or GED only                            60%
Prior court involvement and/or record   50%

Benefits of Registered Apprenticeship (RA)

  • Wages and Benefits increase every year until Journey level status is achieved
  • RA is nationally recognized and accepted certification of occupational training
  • RA provides credit towards post-secondary degrees
  • RA is a flexible system of workforce training that is customized to an employers’ needs
  • RA participants who complete their program have substantially higher earnings than nonparticipants; $240,037 more than similar nonparticipants *
  • RA benefits are much larger than the costs. Over the career of an apprentice, the estimated social benefits of RA exceed the social costs by more than $49,000 *

*Mathematica Policy Research, July 25, 2012: An Effectiveness Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Regsistered Apprenticeship in 10 States

Aging of Rhode Island’s Construction Labor Force

Half of Rhode Island’s construction workforce is 45 of older. Meeting the construction industry’s future needs for a skilled workforce will require a significant increase in the the number of individuals achieving journey level stauts thourgh the registered apprenticeship system.