Congratulations For Taking The First Step Toward A Life-Long Career In Commercial Construction!

If you live in Rhode Island, Building Futures can give you a hand in deciding whether commercial construction is right for you, and if it is, in preparing you to successfully enter a skilled trade apprenticeship program and a career in construction.

Besides looking through this web site, if you want to know more about our program, come to an orientation. Anyone interested in participating in the Building Futures program must attend an orientation to make sure they understand how the program works. There are several orientations offered each year followed by a comprehensive multi-step evaluation program that includes:

  • Assessment of each individual’s barriers to employment
  • Individualized services to help overcome employment barriers
  • Evaluation of participants’ employment readiness and whether their interests, goals and skills are a good match for the commercial construction industry
  • Hands-on basic construction training to prepare you for quality, registered apprenticeship in one of more than a dozen different skilled trades
  • Support in entering and succeeding in apprenticeships

Building Futures helps prepare men and women for long term careers; There are many factors that determine when a Building Futures graduate will be placed. In addition to the formal four-month program, the type of employment barriers (such as suspended driver’s license) an individual faces may delay enrollment in an apprenticeship program. Placement also depends on the time of year someone completes the program; construction is slower in the winter months.

Building Futures is NOT an employment agency that finds jobs for people. We help build the foundation for a career in commercial construction that starts in a first year apprenticeship. Apprentices learn while they earn working on a construction site, so your construction employment starts when you successfully enroll as an apprentice.

If a career in construction interests you, you may want to consider Building Futures. To find out if you meet our entrance requirements, click here.