What’s Changing?

Building Futures, as a Labor Market Intermediary in the construction industry, works with public officials, stakeholders from across the construction industry and community-based organizations to increase access to entry-level apprentice positions in high quality training programs thus ensuring Rhode Island is growing the skilled construction workforce needed for tomorrow.

How Is It Changing?

Partnering with construction project owners, employers, and unions, Building Futures impacts practices in the construction sector to benefit overlapping interests of three important constituents:

  1. Public and private agencies and institutions that rely on construction services (project owners),
  2. Those companies, contractors and unions that provide construction services,(employers) and,
  3. The diverse talent pool for careers in the building and construction trades from urban communities (people)

Building Futures is changing industry practices through three major focus areas:

  1. Apprentice Utilization Program
    A catalyst for entry-level opportunities now to avoid a labor shortage in the future within the skilled building and construction trades workforce of Rhode Island
  2. Industry Services
    A set of tools and assistance available for construction project owners and employers who are striving to meet diversity and hiring goals
  3. Access and Entry
    For a diverse workforce into the high quality apprenticeship programs offered through trade unions of the RI. Building and Construction Trades Council.