Our portfolio of Industry Services provides the mechanisms to make the Apprentice Utilization Program more than just good policy for project owners. There are three major areas to the services we provide:


Building Futures is available to provide in-depth information around any area of our work. This includes presentations to project owners and policy makers and technical assistance sessions with craft contractors on project sites.

Recruitment And Hiring

Construction projects often have hiring and diversity goals established for many reasons, for example internal policies, local hiring ordinances or stipulations of tax treaties with developers.

Building Futures helps to meet these goals as a new trusted source of candidates for hire. Our graduates represent a diverse, pre-screened, qualified pool of talented entry-level workers. Additionally, we coordinate with local unions to ensure the needs of the contractors and project are met.

Technical Assistance

Our technical assistance services are varied and customized depending on the need of our client. Services range from developing ‘hiring and training’ plans for specific projects, to creating new monitoring and tracking systems to ease the reporting burden of contractors while calculating progress towards meeting project requirements.

Assistance to the City of Providence includes helping to implement the City’s First Source Hiring Ordinance as they related to the construction sector. Additionally, our array of technical assistance services for employers continues to grow with the development of an incentive based program for contractors as they hire new entry-level apprentices.

By continuing to develop and offer a variety of Industry Services, Building Futures helps to ensure that positive changes in industry practices are implemented seamlessly.