Building Futures is a pre-apprenticeship program that works with men and women to help prepare them for entry into commercial construction apprenticeships. Commercial construction is not homebuilding. It’s complicated, fast paced, and involves all of the skilled trades (carpenter, laborer, plumber, painting, electrician, etc) to complete a large construction project such as a high-rise office building, major bridge or new public school building.

Building Futures offers group and individualized support to prepare low-income urban adults for the unique work culture of commercial construction careers. Our knowledgeable staff familiarizes candidates with the demands of the building trades’ apprenticeship programs and helps them overcome barriers that stand in the way of successful employment.

Building Futures is not a technical training program but evaluates a candidate’s readiness for employment and provides useful information and hands-on experiences to help each individual decide whether commercial construction is the right career for him or her.

Work in the construction industry isn’t for everyone. It’s physically demanding and often dangerous. Much of the work is outside in all types of weather. But if it’s the right fit, successful graduates leave Building Futures with much more than a “job.” They are well on their way to a rewarding, secure career that can support a family.