Do you need a qualified entry level apprentice?

Building Futures can help

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We operate a comprehensive Pre-Apprenticeship Program that prepares high-quality apprentices for all trade union apprenticeship programs.

Building Futures Pre-Apprenticeship Graduates:

  • Are prepared & vetted

  • Know the industry with proven ability to work to industry norms

  • Are matched with construction occupations based on aptitude

  • Can receive assistance from Building Futures during Apprenticeship and as Journeyworkers

  • Are retained at higher rates than other 1st year apprentices

It Works.

Over 340 graduates have entered joint-apprenticeship programs with union signatory contractors in 12 different occupations. Over 130 Building Futures graduates are now Journeyworkers.

Incentives Available to Employ new Apprentices


  • Not enough apprentices are in training to meet industry demand

  • 23,900 skilled workers are needed in by 2028 in Rhode Island.

  • Construction is entering a boom. Demand is increasing at the same time as there are 19,000 projected retirements.

  • New apprentices must start right now- it takes 3-5 years to become a Journeyworker.

Contractors Can Jump Start Careers for New Apprentices

Incentives Equivalent to 50% of Starting Wage for Up To 10 Weeks to Hire Building Futures’ Graduates


  • Contractors contact Building Futures.

  • Building Futures will coordinate with the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) to provide the contractor a recent graduate.

  • Contractor employs the 1st year apprentice and reports the hours worked to the respective union.

  • Building Futures administers the incentive payments through the union and the union provides the incentive to the contractor.

Call or Text: (401)256-4582


Building Futures is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer and does not discriminate in employment or program participation on the basis of any protected class.

Building Futures is a proud partner with the RI Department of Transportation, Office of Civil Rights, and the RI Department of Labor & Training, Office of Apprenticeship.