Building Futures is proud to congratulate our first construction pre-apprenticeship graduates since the onset of COVID-19. A class was scheduled to begin just weeks after Rhode Island’s first stay at home order in March. Despite the setback, the prospective trainees persevered and began training in July 2020 in smaller cohorts and with a rigorous COVID-19 safety protocols.

Veasna Ngeth on the job at the new high school construction project in East Providence.

Veasna Ngeth graduated the pre-apprenticeship program and immediately was accepted as an Apprentice with the Glazier’s IUPAT Local 1333 Registered Apprenticeship Program. He is currently working with Salem Glass on the new East Providence High School construction project. Prior to applying for Building Futures’ pre-apprenticeship, Veasna worked as a machinist. He served with the Marines for four years and was stationed at the U.S. Marine Corps Base in Hawaii. He continues his service today with the Army National Guard Reserves.

Veasna reports that the best thing about his first few weeks as an apprentice is the active opportunity to learn while doing. He is enjoying the many opportunities to try new things, including learning the ins and outs of heavy machinery like the boom lift. For Veasna, apprenticeship is the start to a long career. He plans on completing training, becoming a journeyworker, and continuing his education to explore career options related to civil engineering.

Veasna, thank you for your service! We wish you & all of the graduates of our first pre-apprenticeship classes in 2020 the best of luck.

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