Who is Building Futures for?

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Building Futures serves low-income adults from diverse urban communities.  Learn more about eligibility.

What type of construction do graduates do?

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Building Futures prepares you for an apprenticeship in a trade that performs large scale construction (not home building). It’s complicated, fast paced, and involves all of the skilled trades (carpenter, laborer, plumber, painting, electrician, etc) to complete a large construction project such as a high-rise office building, major bridge or new public school building. Learn

What is an apprenticeship?

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Registered apprenticeship is one of the oldest – and most successful – forms of job training, which gives an individual the opportunity to ‘earn while you learn’. Most importantly, you do not need to be highly skilled to enter a trade apprenticeship. Instead, over the course of 3-5 years, you will receive hands-on training with

How do I become a Registered Apprentice?

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Staff at Building Futures' pre-apprenticeship program will work with you to evaluate your interests and aptitudes and identify the path that will best meet your needs. After graduation, math tutoring and application supports are offered to assist your successful entry into a trade apprenticeship. Placement can take up to a year post-graduation, depending on your

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