What is a pre-apprenticeship?

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Building Futures' pre-apprenticeship is an “on-ramp” into apprenticeship in a construction trade. Building Futures provides a five-week training program that introduces trainees to a variety of careers in construction. You will learn some basic skills to help prepare you for a rigorous career as a tradesperson. Graduates of the program also receive support, if needed,

How do I start?

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To protect you and your family during COVID-19, Building Futures has an updated application process as of Fall 2020. Learn more here.

How will Building Futures help me find a job?

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Building Futures gives qualified candidates the training, certifications, and support to succeed in a registered apprenticeship in building and construction. After graduating our 5-week program, Building Futures will work with you as you apply for an apprenticeship and will continue to support you throughout your apprenticeship and your career.  Graduates go on to careers in

Is a career in construction right for me?

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A career in construction is not right for everyone. At minimum, workers in this industry must be able to do the following: Show up, on time, every day Carry heavy loads, 50lbs or more, frequently. Work in the elements: heat, cold, rain, snow etc. Work at height when required Commute and work overtime when necessary

What happens after I complete the Building Futures program?

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Large-scale construction involves many different skilled trades that come together to complete a project, whether that project is a commercial high-rise building, road, bridge, or public institution. We partner with the highest quality registered apprenticeship programs in the building and construction trades to find opportunities for our graduates. Alumni of our pre-apprenticeship  have entered many

Does it cost anything?

2020-08-10T20:13:31-04:00March 7th, 2019|

Building Futures is free for participants. Our partnerships with federal, state, city, and private funders make it possible to offer our programming at no cost to participants. Thank you to our funders.

What kind of training is available through Building Futures?

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Building Futures provides a hands-on 5-week training that covers basic skills and knowledge you will need in any trade. We do not teach you an entire construction trade. The registered apprenticeship programs we partner with in the building and construction trades are the best way for an apprentice to learn all of the skills needed

How long is the Building Futures program?

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It takes just under three months to complete the program from Application to Graduation. However, it may take longer to be placed in a registered apprenticeship program. That depends on industry conditions, the apprenticeship program you want to enter, and your readiness for employment. Building Futures supports program participants as they begin their careers, whether

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