Large-scale construction involves many different skilled trades that come together to complete a project, whether that project is a commercial high-rise building, road, bridge, or public institution. We partner with the highest quality registered apprenticeship programs in the building and construction trades to find opportunities for our graduates.

Alumni of our pre-apprenticeship  have entered many different registered apprenticeships in building trades occupations, such as: bricklayer, carpenter, electrician, glazier, ironworker, insulator, laborer, plumber, pipefitter, sheet-metal worker, and tile setter.

Building Futures has relationships with all of the apprenticeships associated with the Rhode Island Building and Construction Trades Council. Building Futures will help you make the decision about where to build your career. Each trade has a different process– some take graduates annually, some monthly. Our staff will work with you to get placed in the trade that offers you the best opportunity for success.