“The best thing about apprenticeship is everything I have learned. I’m getting to see everything there is from beginning to end. As the years go on I’ll get to learn more details and I’ll get to run things and do things on my own.”  Rebecca White,  Apprentice Electrician, Local 99

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What is Registered Apprenticeship?

  • Employment & postsecondary education combined

  • Structured on-the-job learning supplemented by classroom instruction

  • Driven and designed by employers to ensure apprentices develop industry-specific skills in high demand

“I completed my associate degree in Biomedical Information Technology while working as an IT Support Technician. This has given me the opportunity to continue growing as a tech.” Helen Le, Apprentice at Claflin CME


Benefits for the Apprentice

  • Learn while you Earn

  • Wages increase as you gain experience

  • Credentials you can take anywhere

  • No college loans

People who complete apprenticeships earn up to $300,000 more over their  lifetime of their careers.

Source: Reed, Debbie, Albert Yung-Hsu Liu, Rebecca Kleinman, Annalisa Mastri, Davin Reed, Samina Sattar, Jessica Ziegler. “An Effectiveness Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Registered Apprenticeship in 10 states.” Mathematica Policy Research. Final Report, July 25, 2012. http://wdr.doleta.gov/research/FullText_Documents/ETAOP_2012_10.pdf

“Since establishing a registered apprenticeship, we’ve seen a clear increase in retention. [Our employees] are not only staying with us, but are better prepared when they transition to a higher position.” Jenna Barboza, Manager, Vertikal  6

Benefits for Employers

  • Employer tailors training to needed skills & competencies

  • Recruitment strategy tailored to diversity, equity, and inclusion goals

  • Flexibility to recruit the right person rather than the right degree or experience

  • Increased employee retention

97% of employers who use Registered Apprenticeship recommend it.

Source: Lerman, Robert, Lauren Eyster, Kate Chambers. “The Benefits and Challenges of Registered Apprenticeship: The Sponsors’ Perspective” Urban Institute. June 12, 2009. https://www.urban.org/research/publication/benefits-and-challenges-registered-apprenticeship-sponsors-perspective

“A 2 or 4 year college degree and the oftentimes, heavy debt, are not always the right path for everyone. Registered Apprentices can earn while they learn and get nationally recognized credentials with clear career paths. We all should be utilizing and talking more about the role of apprenticeships as part of any non-partisan, national jobs recovery strategy.”  David Kasey, Vice President, Workforce Strategies & Chief Diversity Officer, CVS Health

Who Excels in Apprenticeship?

Successful apprentices:

  • Have a career direction

  • Enjoy hands-on learning

  • Like being part of a team

  • Have a sense of responsibility

  • Want to keep learning from a supervisor and/or mentor

Apprenticeship works!

  • Building & Construction
  • Culinary
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Agriculture & Plant Based Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine Trades
  • Pharmacy
  • Travel & Transportation

2000+ Rhode Islanders are building their careers in these and many more industries across Rhode Island.

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