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Skilled Tradespeople Needed

Construction is one of Rhode Island’s fastest growing industries. As a skilled tradesperson, your expertise will be in high demand.

Labor Market Projections, 2018-2028

  • 23,900 positions will need to be filled

  • Projected 10.9% growth

  • Open positions include new jobs & positions created by exits and transfers

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Download Your Rhode Island Construction Career Guide

Building and construction is a fast-paced industry with big rewards, including excellent pay, health, and retirement benefits.

Download the construction career guide to help you explore careers in Rhode Island’s Building and Construction Trades- professions that build our large-scale construction projects like highways and bridges, large commercial office and residential projects, university, hospitals, and more.

Building Futures’ Apprenticeship Readiness Programs


Building Futures administers the Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3) for Rhode Island schools

√ Designed by the North American Building Trades Unions to prepare young people

√ National certification, recognized by building trades union apprenticeship programs nationwide

To learn how to bring the MC3 to your school, contact Kasey Johnson,

Building Green Futures

Building Green Futures is an apprenticeship readiness program for young adults

  • Build work skills
  • Learn about careers in construction and environmental industries
  • Make a lasting impacting in our cities through service learning

Participants must be 18+ with a HS diploma or GED

Contact Evan Evan Rosin-Pritchard,, for more info

Construction Pre-Apprenticeship

Our nationally recognized pre-apprenticeship program:

  • 5-week hands-on training
  • Comprehensive social service support
  • Outstanding placement track record

Click here for more info

What do the different trades do?

In large-scale building & construction, different trades work together to build highways and bridges and large buildings like schools, universities, and commercial projects. Each of those trades need to train new workers through high-quality, Registered Apprenticeship programs.

Registered Apprenticeship is:

Rhode Island Building & Construction Trades Council members offer outstanding Registered Apprenticeship Programs.

Registered Apprenticeship Programs include:

RIBCTC Members: