Opioids dependency is devastating communities across Rhode Island and is of particular concern in the construction industry, where physical work can lead to injury and prescription opioids can lead to dependency.

Building Futures’ strategy is two-fold. Our training, RI Opioids Crisis: Our Response. Our Recovery, is empowering workers and leaders, in construction and beyond, with information and skills to address the opioids crisis and substance abuse. At the same time, through our Apprenticeship RI initiative, we are partnering with community based employers to register and sponsor new apprenticeship programs for Community Health Workers and Peer Recovery Specialists.

Registered Apprenticeship is critical to both strategies. In building & construction, Registered Apprenticeship provides a ready made training structure for new industry workers and for journeyworkers involved in their training. In service provider agencies, Registered Apprenticeship creates a path for Rhode Island to the gain certified, well-trained workforce we need to address the opioids crisis.

Our Response, Our Recovery Training Strategy

Our training aligns with the Governor’s Task Force, Prevent Overdose RI.


  • Prevent injury
  • Use safely when prescribed
  • Promote Mental Wellness


  • Access treatment
  • Gain skills to talk to a co-worker or loved one about getting help


  • Create a recovery friendly environment
  • Learn substance free coping & relaxation skills


  • Learn rescue ventilation
  • Learn how to access & administer Narcan/Naloxone

We All Have A Role

  • Bring the training to your organization

  • Sign up for our Train the Trainer program

  • Request workplace posters

  • Request toolbox talks

  • Access Narcan

The training has been adopted for youth and adult audiences outside of construction and can be adapted for any audience and any industry or setting. The training is offered free of charge for all audiences.

Request Training & Materials


24/7 confidential support is available at BH Link.

Call 401-414-LINK (5465)

BH Link helps Rhode Islanders experiencing mental health and substance use crises receive needed services.

Resource Cards

Download, save, or take a screen shot of the cell phone resource cards, designed to provide training participants with easy access to information and resources. If you or someone in your life is struggling with substance use or mental health issues, help is available.

Connect to Care
A picture of the Connect to Care Resource Card. Click the image to download the card.

Alternative Pain Management Strategies

Starting Tough Conversations

Apps that Support Mental & Physical Wellness

How to Recognize an Overdose

How to Respond to an Overdose

Toolbox talks are short training segments, appropriate for a work break. Each of these topics are covered more in-depth during the training. You can request print copies of the toolbox talks below.

Prevention: Stress Defense

Prevention: Address Pain

Help a Friend Find Treatment

Support Recovery
Request Print Toolbox Talks

Narcan & Rescue Training